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Know, Learn, Make

The Koju

The Koju is a workshop for people who want to learn about Japanese culture, develop a sense of beauty, and create new Japanese culture to inherit and shape Japanese fragrance with harmony, learning, and fun.
We offer one-time events, as well as a series of training sessions.


Online shop

  • いろは 玄関先のおとめ椿
    いろは 玄関先のおとめ椿
  • いろは 古寺のきりっと沈香
    いろは 古寺のきりっと沈香
  • いろは 雪の中の水仙花
    いろは 雪の中の水仙花
  • いろは あの曲がり角の金木犀
    いろは あの曲がり角の金木犀
  • いろは 朝日に輝く薔薇のアーチ
    いろは 朝日に輝く薔薇のアーチ
  • オードトワレ ジュエモン 魅 MI
    オードトワレ ジュエモン 魅 MI
  • 御供 伯山 塗箱8箱入
    御供 伯山 塗箱8箱入

Koju Online shop

In the online store, we deliver incense, incense sticks, eau de toilette, scent bags, meishiko (personalized scent for cards), and incense tools all over Japan with the theme of “an enriched life,” including fragrances to meet the various needs of first-time users, incense ceremony enthusiasts, those looking for a change of mood, and gift-givers. (We currently do not provide delivery overseas)


  • 2023優秀賞「紅貫入白香皿」
  • 2023優秀賞「香⿁灯皿」
  • 2023優秀賞「ハレとケ」
  • 2023中原賞「オーヴァル」
  • 2023島田賞「CHILL TENT」
    2023島田賞「CHILL TENT」
  • 2023香十賞「香実」
  • 2023陶器部門賞「と香の間」
  • 2023金属部門「NOROSHI」
  • 2023ガラス部門賞「桜雲」

Incense plate design contest 2023

At Koju, an incense shop founded 448 years ago, we are looking for "incense plates" for enjoying fragrance in modern life.
Enjoy burning incense for an enriched life, relaxation of quenching of the mind, and to rewind.

Incense plate design contest

History of koju

Incense store, Koju. In business since the Tensho period (1573-1593). Koju was born in Kyoto in the Tensho period . It’s a name which has a history of 448 years, one that has been used by incense meisters who officially have served the imperial palace. Koju inherits and respects the origins of Japanese incense cultural traditions, while simultaneously creating new Japanese incense culture.

The first Koju was a descendant of Yoshisada Yasuda of Seiwa Genji (guardians of Totomi Province), whose name was Yasuda Mataemon Minamoto Mitsuhiro. He was born in Kyoto in the Tensho period (1573-1593) during Nobunaga Oda’s rule. According to the records, the second generation Koju, Masakiyo was summoned by Lord Hideyoshi, and the fourth generation Masanaga was summoned by Lord Ieyasu. During the Edo period(1603-1867), the eighth generation Koju, named Juuemon, was called the incense meister. He delivered incense to the emperor and grand tea masters. Juuemon left behind a document titled the "Family incense blending book” and the skills which are practiced and passed down to this day.


Shop information

Being a joint-stock company with shops currently centered near Ginza, Tokyo, we return to our birthplace of Kyoto in April 2016 and opened a small shop in Nineizaka.
Grounded on the origins of Japanese incense culture, we deliver the value of incense to the present.